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Lux WIN100 Heating & Cooling Programmable Outlet Thermostat
Lux WIN100 Heating & Cooling Programmable Outlet Thermostat
(808 customer reviews)
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Price: $37.97
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  • Temporary temperature override
  • Setting range 45-degrees F to 90-degrees F
  • Separate programs for heating and cooling
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I use this thermostat to turn on and off an attic fan when temperatures get too high. I've found that every few months mine needs to be turned off and reset, or the fan will just run continously. This is no big deal for my purposes, but if you use...

I recently purchased two of these units to regulate the temperature in my bedroom and my living room. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment. The temperature readout is spot on and it's easy to program. However I do have two complaints:1. The...

I installed 2 of these in bedrooms and plugged in electric heaters. They maintain the room temperature +- 1 degree even though I lower the central heating temperature to save money. Previously I used the thermostats built into Delongi oil filled...

Honeywell TH8320U1008 7day 3/h 2/c Vision PRO 8000 Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat
Honeywell TH8320U1008 7day 3/h 2/c Vision PRO 8000 Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat
(118 customer reviews)
List price: $366.63
Price: $137.68
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  • Large, Clear Display with Backlighting current temperature, set temperature and time are easy-to-read and all are displayed on the home screen
  • Ability to Select Multiple Days allows you to easily customize the thermostat for your unique schedule
  • Armchair Programming allows you to remove thermostat from wall to set the schedule
Customer reviews
I just had a new AC system put in, and the installer suggested I replace my Honeywell Chromagraph III, which I loved. However, he was right and it was old, and had no backlight, so at night I had to keep a flashlight nearby. He wanted to go with...

Buyer beware....I purchased this thermostat justifying the cost versus other models with the energy efficiency. After owning the model only two years, it has been deemed "not fixable" by Honeywell but is not being replaced under the five year...

I have a habit of replacing thermostats in houses with high tech, programmable ones that try but never really make it "easier" to use. IE, the wife says, "how do I make it warmer in here?" and I reply "push the red button." What seems obvious to one...

An explanation of the HVAC thermostat color code

What the color code means for air conditioner and furnace thermostat wires. This video is part of the heating and cooling series of training videos made to a...

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Just grabbed 2 Honeywell whole house humidifiers: HE360A1075. I have 3 floors and a basement in an old (1890s) victorian house. We have cast iron radiators with a gas boiler for heat on the bottom 2 floors (original) and separate ducting for the AC. then a regular AC/gas furnace ducting for the top 2 floors. For the top two.


Residential Construction Academy House Wiring

Residential Construction Academy House Wiring

This book is written for the students who want to learn how to wire a home. House Wiring covers the basic electrical wiring principles and practices, with National Electrical Code references, used in the installation of residential electrical wiring systems. Wiring practices that are commonly used in today's residential electrical market are discussed in detail and presented in a way that not only tells what needs to be done, but also shows how to do it. Both general safety and electrical safety are stressed throughout the book. - About this book.

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